A First Look at the Interior Design of The Village with Designers Edge

With each passing day, we're moving a little closer to the highly anticipated Spring 2019 opening of The Village at Trinity Hills! This spectacular new, live, shop and play community located only 15 minutes to downtown and just 90 minutes to Banff is poised to set a new standard for stylish contemporary living on the west side of Calgary. 

Behind every great home community  is an equally great design and development team. The Village at Trinity Hills is certainly no exception! 

Metropia has assembled a highly talented group of architects and interior designers who have worked tirelessly to define the signature look and feel of these extraordinary new three and four bedroom townhomes.

As home designs are finalized, our team at The Village had the privilege to sit down with Danielle Paul from Designers Edge to talk about her role in shaping the design vision for The Village. We discussed every aspect of the interior design process from the colour palettes to cabinetry selection. We also received insider information on some of the design packages homebuyers can look forward to. They sound amazing, and we can’t wait for you to experience the finished product! 

About Designers Edge

Designers Edge is a full service interior design company located in the city of Calgary. Led by Danielle Paul, this company specializes in interior design and decorating of showhomes, renovations and window coverings. Designers Edge takes design to the next level by focusing on current trends while still introducing up and coming design. This is accomplished by travelling to many countries to see the impact that design has and what Designer’s Edge can contribute to Calgary and surrounding areas.

When working on a new residential development, Designers Edge ensures the homeowner perspective is always the focus. Their goal is to deliver the latest design trends so our homeowners fall in love with their home the minute they walk through the door

Interview with Designers Edge

What were you most excited about when first considering this project?

Honestly, there is a lot about this development that excited me! I love the location as it is such a unique spot. It is definitely a hidden gem in Calgary that we are able to pull inspiration from. The team at Metropia is amazing to work with also! They are a very passionate group who have many great ideas for this project. They are very open to the design opportunities I brought to the table and allowed everyone on this project to be very creative. 

On the design side, we have had the ability to use a variety of organic and natural selections. It’s been great to be able to use some new products that we haven’t seen in a lot of homes yet.  

Can you explain where your inspiration for colours comes from?

The inspiration definitely came from the unique location of Trinity Hills. Nothing has been built out there yet, so we had a clean slate to start with and set the standard. We really wanted to show off all the natural elements surrounding the Village while keeping the demographic in mind.  

Right now we are working on up to four interior design packages for homeowners to choose from. These packages reflect a lot of the trends we will be seeing in real estate in the coming year.

The Bright package will give the end buyer a simplistic and stunning palette to live in as it portrays a light and airy feel. By integrating textures in a variety of whites, it gives a subtle and sophisticated look. This allows more focus on the surroundings, while giving an aesthetically pleasing design. 

The Calm package will showcase more of the taupe on taupe that we are seeing in the marketplace right now and that will continue for some time. These colours are very on trend and will create a sense of warmth with the color palette. Overall, this package will allow clients to stray from the norm and delve into a monochromatic look.

The Smooth package includes that light grey hue we are seeing everywhere these days! It is a palette made for everyone as it integrates both light and dark. This package introduces textural components of glossy and matte finishes. It’s a great option for the buyer who doesn’t want one end of the spectrum or the other!

The Edgy package will feature more of those dark colours, cement-like tiles, and geometric patterns. We wanted to create a unique and different look with this one but still match up with some of those upcoming trends. This package gives a fun, unique look that stands out from the rest! 

On your website, you talk about design as more than just a colour or object. It creates a feeling or sets a mood. What were your thoughts when approaching this design project?

For this project it was important that when a future homeowner at The Village walks into the presentation centre, they are fully immersed in the feeling and mood of The Village at Trinity Hills. We designed the colours gallery so that anyone walking through can imagine themselves living here. We want people to have this sense of home when they visit the presentation centre. We want to show that everything has been thoughtfully planned out and paired together perfectly. It is really about showcasing that in a way that the home buyer will feel connected to the project. Our design team is currently in the process of getting samples and putting the actual colour boards together for the Spring Opening. 

Any other thoughts on this project you'd like to share?

I am really happy with all the selections in each of the packages. In so many townhomes we see the same colours and tiles being used throughout, so by selecting design palettes that are unique to this project says a lot. Everything about this project feels like it belongs and complements each other. 

Stay Tuned

The journey of The Village at Trinity Hills continues its incredible venture from conception to completion in the coming months. We will continue to share with you what we learn from the different industry professionals who have come together to bring the unique development of The Village at Trinity Hills to life. To receive updates on The Village at Trinity Hills development, news and contest announcementregister online.

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