The Architectural Design of The Village at Trinity Hills

"The architectural design theme is about creating a relationship between the built environment, natural environment, and the pedestrian scale"

The Village at Trinity Hills is Calgary’s newest urban village. Designed for a complete urban lifestyle in Calgary's west end, The Village will boast some of the most eye-catching architecture in the city.  When you see these chic contemporary designs, we're sure it will be love at first sight. With 3 and 4 bedroom townhomes ranging from 1300 to 1700 sq ft, we know you will find the perfect floor plan to meet your lifestyle. Plus, with over 750,000 sq. ft. of retail and a 160-acre nature park built right into the community, you can live, shop and play everyday when you call Trinity Hills home. As we move closer to the Spring 2019 Preview Purchasing Event, we wanted to take a closer look at the architectural vision behind this extraordinary community. 

To define the signature look of The Village, Metropia is working with the talented group of architects at NORR.

To define the signature look of The Village, Metropia is working with the talented group of architects at NORR. The Village recently had the privilege to sit down with a few of the architects from NORR to talk about their role in crafting The Village. We discussed how the inspiration from the land led the design process, and how they used the natural elements to integrate the townhomes seamlessly with the landscape. The architectural designs turned out amazing, and we can’t wait for you to experience the finished product! 


Interview with NORR

Q. How do you usually begin a Design?

First, we review the proposed Programme for the Development which includes who the end user will be, what their lifestyle is, what spaces are needed, and where the site is. Next, we visit the site and walk around for design inspiration and insight into how to layout the site. Once completed, we start the design process.  

Q. What are you seeing for Trends in Calgary?

Homeowners prefer to live in communities that have great amenities that are easily accessible by walking or cycling. Some of the biggest trends we are seeing include: homebuyers looking for spaces that allow for the growth of a family, and developments that appeal to multiple generations are becoming more popular. Gone are the days when downsizing only appealed to those who have reached retirement, we are seeing more and more families downsizing earlier than before.

A new development such as the Village provides an inclusive environment for all, from young professionals and families to an active mature downsizer. 

Q. What is the Inspiration for the Design of the Trinity Hills Townhomes?

The inspiration for the design is based on Location and paying respect to the importance of the Blackfoot culture who once long ago lived on these lands. Trinity Hills is located next to a 165-acre preserve park, that offers natural, cultural and historical significance to Calgary. The Village will be located between two commercial nodes making shopping by foot possible for residents and providing easy connectivity to the park. The Village will be designed being slope adaptive to utilize the existing grades of the natural space. The townhomes will be oriented to face natural green areas, and maximize the views. 

Q. Are you pulling Inspiration from the Natural Landscape?

The architectural design theme is about creating a relationship between the built environment, natural environment, and the pedestrian scale. In order to create a seamless design these elements must complement one another.

The townhomes have been designed with various roof heights and configurations to reduce building mass and provide diversity and interest. Apart from the variation in massing, materials selected for the exterior of the homes are all meant to represent various elements found in the natural landscape: stone on lower levels, lighter coloured materials on upper levels, wood-inspired siding, and earth tones reflecting the surrounding hills.

Q. What else would you like Calgary to know about your Work on this project?

This site is extremely special and offers a once in a lifetime opportunity for an architectural firm to be a part of. To be able to set the design tone for an entire community, which has remained undeveloped for years, is a true honour. We see this development as an opportunity to create something special for Calgary, a community that future residents will be proud to call home while paying homage to the incredible heritage of this area. 

Coming this Spring!

The journey of The Village at Trinity Hills continues its incredible venture from conception to completion in the coming months. We will continue to share with you more exciting information from the talented industry professionals who have come together to bring the unique development to life. To receive updates on The Village at Trinity Hills , register online.

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